Thursday, February 6, 2014

Uhoh - My Daughter Got a Baby Doll

I think I may need an intervention. I've made clothes for my daughter (fun - but she doesn't appreciate them the way I would like), I've made clothes for my boys, and I've made clothes for me. I've even made clothes for stuffed hamsters. But until yesterday I'd never made clothes for a baby doll.

My daughter had never been really "into" baby dolls until Nana bought her one last week, so it never really came up. Nana bought her a bath time baby that only had a little diaper and a hooded towel. It's winter in Montana - it's COLD! Baby Rosa needed some clothes!

So I pinned some fun stuff and played with some ideas. But when I finally got around to starting to make them I was done for. Not in the "uhoh - I'm in big trouble" sorta way, but in the "sorry family, I hope you can fend for yourself for the next forever" sorta way.

First I tried this cute sundress...












This sweet dress is reversible, and will soon have some cute buttons or something that attach to the exposed Velcro just for cuteness. (Here it is with the new diaper shown below – I love mixy-matchy!)

2014-02-06 16.11.50 2014-02-06 16.13.53

But it’s too cold to go without pants!
2014-02-05 12.34.47

Better. But those bare arms…it’s –15F raw temperature. What kind of person lets a baby doll freeze in these temperatures?!
 2014-02-06 14.00.38

I used an old sundress of Kristi’s and an old shirt of mine to make this little dress from this tutorial over at ruth plus two. Since my Kristi’s doll is only 13” I decreased the pattern to 80% when I printed it. It probably could have gone down to 75% as long as the dress was made with something stretchy like the knit I used.
2014-02-06 13.32.44

I decided not to bother with seam binding or elastic – I cut my pieces from the bottoms of the garments so the edges were finished already, and I used the sleeve hem for the neckline instead of putting in elastic. When I was one with the dress I decided Rosa needed a matching diaper from this tutorial at Blueberry Moon.
2014-02-06 14.02.36 

Maybe it’s time to quit playing with the doll and start making dinner for my family?

but I think she might need some booties…


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